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Sound on Rent in Jaipur

AVM is the number 1 rental company of professional audio equipment in Jaipur. AVM provides the latest sound equipment for professional use.

AVM is the one-stop-solution AV supplier for each organizer, producer and manager in the world of theater, television, concerts, festivals and corporate events. What distinguishes us from other rental companies are our large volumes, the latest products, guaranteed quality and competitive prices. Through it all AVM is a major contributor to the success of your event or production.

sound on rent in jaipur
sound on rent in jaipur
sound on rent in jaipur

Why you Need a quality Sound System?

AVM will cater to your exact event and venue requirements. Clear audio is crucial for live events. We are proud to be the industry leader in audio equipment for live corporate events.

Our team of audio engineers will design a professional audio system and ensure your event sounds perfect. Different venues, audience size, entertainment all need specific audio technology.

Whether your event is a corporate function, conference, exhibition, concert, we can make sure your audience hears you loud and clear.

Wedding would not have the same effect without high quality wedding PA hire systems. We supply sound system equipments for hire for different types of weddings as we have plenty of experience in supporting a small intimate wedding with 50-100 guests to big weddings with over 1000 guests.


Range Of Equipments AVM Provides:

AVM offers several kinds of sound equipment, therefore we can offer a solution for every situation:

  • Speakers - sets of speakers, subwoofers, line array, floor monitors

  • Amplifiers - Analog amplifiers, digital amplifiers

  • Mixers - Analog mixing consoles, digital mixing consoles

  • Microphones -wireless microphones, in ear monitors, microphone stands

  • DJ gear - table top CD / MP3 player.

AVM offers the best brands in sound equipment.:

  • RCF

  • JBL

  • Shure

  • Sennheiser

  • Pioneer

Why Choose Us??

  • Expirienced

  • Professional

  • Respond

  • Budget Friendly

AVM is your one stop shop for all your sound system or pro audio and lighting needs for your wedding or any event including corporate event, party or concert. We guarantee that you will get better prices for your sound system and lighting services by contacting us directly compared going through a third party.

Reach out to us for your next event. Head over to our Contact Us section and feel free to drop a message.

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