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Event Planning

Event Planner in Jaipur

At AVM, our strength lies in understanding the Client’s needs and bringing forth solutions that helps the Clients achieve their objective through the event. From ideation to developing Content & Creative to planning & finding solutions for smooth & effective execution of the event are the standard for every event. This along with addressing technical issues before they arise are central to the event production services we deliver. We blend this with top notch team work, innovation, creativity and experience.

event planner in jaipur
event planner in jaipur
event planner in jaipur

Why Event Planning?

Planning a major event or party is a challenging and comprehensive task. If you haven’t planned one before, it can be stressful, overwhelming and important considerations can be missed. Using the services of professional event planners not only saves your sanity, we guarantee the whole event will run smoothly and be a great success.


AVM is a full service event planning agency, which means we’ll plan, manage and organise your event from start to finish. At your initial consultation, we’ll listen to your needs and everything you hope to get from the event. We take everything into consideration, from the overall concept down to the smallest detail.

What do we Offer?

Our extensive event planning services include:
  • Budgeting of your event, with full reconciliation and cost analysis

  • Registration of delegates

  • Travel and accommodation needs for attendees

  • Guest speakers and entertainment for the event

  • Styling, menu arrangement and catering for parties, events and shows

  • Management of exhibitions and displays

  • Management of audio visual, technical and graphic design needs

  • Organising security staff and cleaning up coordination for the conclusion of the event

  • Comprehensive reporting on your event

Why Us??


At AVM we specialize in 4 broad domains of event management.


At AVM, we look at event management as a holistic approach of managing an event right from planning the event through execution till post event services. We work closely with our clients to deliver spotless execution which stands out in the spectrum of events.


Armed with enormous experience and expertise, AVM has a dedicated production consultancy service where we provide consultancy services to event management firms and organizations. The comprehensive consultancy services include the whole array of services we provide our clients with, where event managers get a readymade package of our expertise.


With more than 11 years of experience in producing and managing large scale events and concerts, the team at AVM is well known for our expertise in producing events with flair and perfection. The USP of AVM is to produce events that become yardsticks for others to try and replicate, even in the years to come.


We have a sterling experience in conducting corporate and special events. Some of the corporate events we have executed, has become the talk of the town already. We also plan and execute grandiose weddings which transcend to realm of reality and moves on towards fantasy.

Reach out to us for your next event. Head over to our Contact Us section and feel free to drop a message.

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