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LED Wall

LED Wall On Rent in Jaipur

LED screen rental used for stage performances, cultural and artistic activities on site.

We have a professional team, custom design, strict quality control and perfect after-sales service system on our rental LED screen products. We believe we can provide more professional and considerate services.

Widely used in stage rental, singing and dancing activities evening, various conferences, exhibitions, stadiums, theaters, auditoriums, lecture halls, multi-function halls, conference rooms, interpretation halls, discos, nightclubs, high-end entertainment discos, TV Spring Festival Gala, important cultural activities in various provinces and cities and other places.

led wall on rent in jaipur
led wall on rent in jaipur
led wall on rent in jaipur

What is a LED video wall?


A LED video wall is comprised of LED displays that work simultaneously to display content on a single large screen. The variations are endless as the LED displays can be tiled together and set up to scale in up to 20-meter configurations. In contrast to other screens or projectors LEDs used in such LED video walls are unique as the displays are able to achieve “true black”. When our clients rent video walls, we ensure that we provide the right pixel pitch by confirming the average viewing distance needed. In other words, the closer the audiences are to the rent LED video wall, the finer the pixel pitch is required. Our 2.5 Pixel Pitch is one of the most popular choices as it ensures optimal viewing distance from both short and long distances for the LED video wall display. If you are looking for video wall rental but unsure where to proceed from, our team at AVM is able to provide assistance from conceptualization to execution stage, making sure the right specifications and requirements are met.

Why Use LED Wall?

Creating memorable events with maximum visual impact Captivate your audience with a spectacular, multidimensional video presentation wall. The sheer size and visual impact LED walls create, ensure a truly extraordinary visual and audio experience, leaving a lasting impression for guests. AVM’s extensive range of LED screen solutions includes walls for both indoor and outdoor spaces, covering exhibitions and conferences to sporting and product launches and activations. Maximize visual impact with our various configurations of LED Walls, available in various pixel pitches for any bright environment. Whatever messaging your trying to convey is simple with an LED wall.

Range of LED Walls We Provide:

  • P4.8 Outdoor

  • P3.9 Indoor

Why Choose AVM?

AVM has invested in various LED panels and we offer LED Wall Rental, Video Wall Rental, curved LED,  and Straight walls in great lengths even before LED video wall hire has become increasingly popular for events. Its ability to produce high-resolution and vibrant images has made it a great tool to display event presentations and videos while capturing your audiences’ attention. Event organizers and planners rent video walls or hire LED video walls for events for product launches and shows, music festival staging, live video streaming, and various different applications.

Reach out to us for your next event. Head over to our Contact Us section and feel free to drop a message.

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